Easy tensorflow.js intro - basic operations

Tensorflow is the defacto standard for building advanced neural networks of any kind. Natively tensorflow is a python library and gives to
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Playing with models released for tensorflow js. Posenet is a neural network that allows the estimation of a human pose from an image. For
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3d force directed graph visualisation with ThreeJS

javascript, graph, visualisation, threejs
I needed a cool way to visualize a force directed graph with many datapoints, so I thought that webGL was the way to go as it should be able
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Client side routing explained

javascript, JS, routing
Client side routing explained React router is the defacto standard for client side routing in React SPA application. To understand how Reac
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Use face-api.js on node js

tensorflow, facedetection, face, neuralnetwork
Face-api.js is a great library that uses tensorflowjs to do face recognition, face detection, face landmarks, and other stuff with faces...
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javascript, JS, webcam, ascii
Simple webapp that turns your webcam into ASCII art. code is available on github at https://github.com/david1983/ascii_cam I've done this in
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Javascript game in less then 1kb

Code golf winner of the js1k2010 .language-javascript{ white-space: pre-wrap!important; /* Since CSS 2.1 */ white-space: -m
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Hadoop-spark-kafka-zookeeper docker compose

spark, hadoop, kafka, docker
Docker compose is awesome, especially if you need to spin up your local development environment. the following is the docker-compose I use a
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Not an Hotdog

I love the silicon valley tv series. and lately I've been doing some machine learning and deep learning studies, so what's the most famous i
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Backslash and pipe on a US keyboard set as UK

keyboard, keyboard layout, backslash, pipe
This is for anyone in the UK, stuck with a US layout keyboard!!! Recently I bought a cheap mechanical keyboard from the US, even though the
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