Sleep-sort in javascript

Sleep sort is a joke sorting algorithm. Sleep sort spawns off one process for each argument. Each process waits for n milliseconds, then pr
Davide Andreazzini

Quick and useful Docker commands and configs

Here is a list of some docker snippets that I use daily. Create a tagged image from Dockerfile docker build -t tag_name /path/to/ Run a do
Davide Andreazzini

Update ssh to version 7.5p1

ssh, update, devops
Follow the instructions to update ssh on the latest version. The process requires patching the current source, which is unfortunately not w
Davide Andreazzini

Random project name generator (Simple project)

This is a small project I've done during the lunch break.
Davide Andreazzini

Let's encrypt manual mode using DNS record verification

ssl, letsencrypt
Here is the procedure that I've used to create a letsencrypt certificate in manual mode using a DNS record for registration. sudo letsencryp
Davide Andreazzini

Removing the hashbang from react-router navigation

By default, react-router add the annoying and hated hashbang to the URL. import React from 'react'; import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'; im
Davide Andreazzini

Using ARIMA and Box-Jenkins methodology for time series forecast - Part 1

arma, arima, machine learning, box-jenkins, time series
The Box-Jenkins method, named after George Box and Gwilym Jenkins, is an approach used in time series analysis to find the best fit of a tim
Davide Andreazzini

ThreeJS rotating icosahedron with images on vertices

Simple clone of the Stripe element @ I had some fun replicating the rotating icosahedron of the Stripe page, and in
Davide Andreazzini

Principal Component Analysis

PCA is an algorithm used to find the principal component of data. Principal components are the directions where there is the most variance,
Davide Andreazzini

Charge Stripe Processing Fee to the user

javascript, stripe, payments
Following is how I've implemented the possibility to charge the stripe fee onto the user. Unfortunately, Stripe does not offer any API endp
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