Getting started with tensorflow-js and Angular - AngularMVD

Recently I moved to Uruguay, Montevideo. Here I found an active community of developers, yesterday I had a chance of giving a talk at the A
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Parcel web bundler pros and cons

JS, javascript, bundler, parceljs
Recently I've been using Parcel ( for some small web apps I'm developing in my free time. Parcel is a modern javascrip
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Send your name to Mars

nasa, mars
Send Your Name to Mars. NASA's Mars 2020 Rover is heading to the red planet. Submit your name by Sept. 30, 2019, and fly along! Your email
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Transfer learning with mobilenet and KNN

Transfer learning is a popular approach used in machine learning where a model trained on a task is re-purpose a model designed for a differ
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Using tensorflow-models/mobilenet for image recognition

Here is a simple tutorial on how to use the mobilenet model released by google with tensorflow-js. This tutorial requires node v >10 and the
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Easy tensorflow.js intro - basic operations

Tensorflow is the defacto standard for building advanced neural networks of any kind. Natively tensorflow is a python library and gives to
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Playing with models released for tensorflow js. Posenet is a neural network that allows the estimation of a human pose from an image. For
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3d force directed graph visualisation with ThreeJS

javascript, graph, visualisation, threejs
I needed a cool way to visualize a force directed graph with many datapoints, so I thought that webGL was the way to go as it should be able
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Client side routing explained

javascript, JS, routing
Client side routing explained React router is the defacto standard for client side routing in React SPA application. To understand how Reac
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Use face-api.js on node js

tensorflow, facedetection, face, neuralnetwork
Face-api.js is a great library that uses tensorflowjs to do face recognition, face detection, face landmarks, and other stuff with faces...
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