Javascript game in less then 1kb

Code golf winner of the js1k2010 .language-javascript{ white-space: pre-wrap!important; /* Since CSS 2.1 */ white-space: -m
Davide Andreazzini

Hadoop-spark-kafka-zookeeper docker compose

spark, hadoop, kafka, docker
Docker compose is awesome, especially if you need to spin up your local development environment. the following is the docker-compose I use a
Davide Andreazzini

Not an Hotdog

I love the silicon valley tv series. and lately I've been doing some machine learning and deep learning studies, so what's the most famous i
Davide Andreazzini

Backslash and pipe on a US keyboard set as UK

keyboard, keyboard layout, backslash, pipe
This is for anyone in the UK, stuck with a US layout keyboard!!! Recently I bought a cheap mechanical keyboard from the US, even though the
Davide Andreazzini

Fast line count

The following is a simple bash script used to calculate the number of lines in ginormous text files ( like 20G CSV). #!/bin/bash # get the l
Davide Andreazzini

DAGs visualization using dagre-3d

Directed Acyclic Graphs are directed graphs, that have a topological ordering, a sequence of the vertices such that every edge is directed f
Davide Andreazzini

Sleep-sort in javascript

Sleep sort is a joke sorting algorithm. Sleep sort spawns off one process for each argument. Each process waits for n milliseconds, then pr
Davide Andreazzini

Quick and useful Docker commands and configs

Here is a list of some docker snippets that I use daily. Create a tagged image from Dockerfile docker build -t tag_name /path/to/ Run a do
Davide Andreazzini

Update ssh to version 7.5p1

ssh, update, devops
Follow the instructions to update ssh on the latest version. The process requires patching the current source, which is unfortunately not w
Davide Andreazzini

Random project name generator (Simple project)

This is a small project I've done during the lunch break.
Davide Andreazzini