Parcel web bundler pros and cons

JS, javascript, bundler, parceljs
Recently I've been using Parcel ( for some small web apps I'm developing in my free time. Parcel is a modern javascrip
Davide Andreazzini

Client side routing explained

javascript, JS, routing
Client side routing explained React router is the defacto standard for client side routing in React SPA application. To understand how Reac
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javascript, JS, webcam, ascii
Simple webapp that turns your webcam into ASCII art. code is available on github at I've done this in
Davide Andreazzini

First react app

javascript, JS, react, app
So it's been two days that I'm trying to figure out how React works and how to use it for my projects. I have to admit that I don't like Rea
Davide Andreazzini

Control flow with promises

javascript, promise, series, async, JS
Promises are very powerful and allow us to create really complex asynchronous data flows. When we want to execute tasks at the same time we
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